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Careers | Animaris


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We like to nurture an informal and friendly environment, full of teamwork and mutual help.

We are transparent in our decisions, we consider and respect everyone's opinion, even if they are not equal. And we work together to find the ideal solution for a given challenge, with a lot of creativity in the mix.
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A Career at Animaris

We value the knowledge behind each service. You will be part of a team of creative, committed, and proactive minds to make each experience an unforgettable memory. Every personality is welcome and necessary for us to continue building something we can all be proud of.

Careers | AnimarisCareers | AnimarisCareers | Animaris


We train all our employees to be themselves and develop their best abilities.
We take into account four main principles:
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We have developed a range of tools and systems that help you prepare initially and on a daily basis. These include initial training programs, daily preparation checklists, technical data sheets, and more.

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Attention to detail

We operate in a highly competitive market where our products and services can be easily replicated. The opportunity to differentiate ourselves from the competition lies in the details. There are endless possibilities to offer something unique to our customers, and you can be a part of that.

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Be cordial in your own way

We want your personality to be your greatest skill, and for our customers to feel confident that they are interacting with a human being. Regardless of your role, there are no limits to customer service.

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We recognize that the consistency of our service and products is what makes our customers come back to repeat experiences. Knowing what to expect when using our services is one of the reasons that keeps them coming back time and time again.

Marítimo-Turística Team

We have a professional and experienced team that knows the Ria like the back of their hand, not only the paths, shallows, and tricks but also the people, animals, and plants that live in it and depend on it. The sustainability theme is treated with respect and valued in terms of process viability and quality of experience.

The Marítimo-Turística and Beach Concession team is comprised of:

  • All
  • Colaborador
  • Skipper
  • Marinheiro
  • Mestre
  • Agente

Catering Team

We have a motivated team capable of developing consistent catering projects recognized locally and internationally. The sharing of knowledge and experiences is constant, allowing each individual to evolve in the direction they value and identify with. Sustainability is once again taken into account in the choice of every ingredient and in every decision made.

The Catering team is composed of:

  • All
  • Colaborador (Restaurante)
Environmental and Social Responsibility

Environmental and social responsibility is something we consider essential in all our strategies and decision-making processes. We rely on you to maintain the solidity of the established standards and the undeniable need for their continuous adaptation.

We encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. We develop activities to foster bonds among employees from different areas, such as sports activities that promote team spirit.

Year-round employment

We are serious when we say that we provide year-round employment and means of livelihood for our team. Animaris is committed to its employees and guarantees year-round job positions, keeping the activity open and offering new opportunities to develop essential skills for business growth. Additionally, this initiative helps mitigate the strong seasonality present in the region.

In this regard, we have created the opportunity for you to submit your resume at any time of the year for consideration.

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“On every corner a friend, on every face equality, in every service respect for the home that gives us the opportunity”

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